Spokenword 01

Every time when I stumble and I almost seem to overstrain.

You make my heart humble; thy love will never be in vain.

It’s important for us to obey, in darkness in every shadow.

Through lightness and every struggle everyday,

When I look for your love I shut down my arrow,

Cause the devil is just like a black widower that strikes when you open your window,

He steals, he destroys, and he lets you make suicide.

If you turn out the light and don’t fight for the spiritual light.

It’s flesh against flesh and spirit against spirit and I try.

I know the devil is a lie.

Prayed in silence for the first and the last.

We can’t give up hope for the once at rest.

And for those who are in a mess.

We must be prepared when the Lord is coming back.

I will not accept defeat and I’m not satisfied with less.

There will be no hope if we give up on Him,

Because so many people are stuck in the bondage of sin,

People help people through every evil setback,

Christ is written on the table of our hearts beyond every sin.

His Holy message is destined for us,

But the devil wants to make our life a disaster,

The Lords starts blessing in this painful cause.

He’ll keep His promises till every new day after.

We must take our authority in the name of Jesus.

So that we can handle every mental crisis.

Refuse to live like this and then thy Lord shows who He really is.

Fight and compromise in the name of Jesus, cause we all know what the price is.

And in the midst of this you know who Jesus the saviour is.