FALSE TRUTH - The hard truth

What I saw and got inside my heart is already a long time that the Holy Spirit is grieved.

A false truth is brought and preached to the people, that God is love and peace, which is true of course. But there is no message of repentance. That will change the heart of the sinner and the ones who are lost. People are more focust on miracles and grace and not the message of repentance that can save a life. There is also a lot of legalism. That people need to do certain things to be saved. And people hold more firmly on traditions then God’s commandments and truth. Yeshua will come back to bring His law and judgement. But first the waste and garbage must come. This is gospel truth. The dividing line between being free in Christ and debauchery and to bring the fashion of the world in the faith, are become a similarity. There is a song that sings whatever you do his love remains. This implies that you do not need to repent or change in order to serve God and follow Yeshua the Messiah. This is a false truth that is coming into the body of Christ. But Yeshua will come with his righteousness, law and peace. Only it is not the same peace what we think it will be. The debauchery is accepted in faith, because there is hardly brought a message of repentance and forgivenes. Everybody thinks it is ok and there is nothing wrong to stay and to be how you are. Which is very sadful in some kind of way. God revealed to me that people’s hearing has become spoiled. They will not listen to the truth. And look for teachers themselves. That time is now, and has already begun. People wake up! Apart from healing the message should also be forgiveness of sins and repentance. There is also a false love in the body of Christ that is willing to entertain people. And brings excitement with songs that that feed the flesh, but it does not please the Father or elevate Him. It is a formal way to use his name, instead of worshipping on behalf of Him and to Him. This weekend there will be a lot of perversity in the city. I hold my breath, God showed me that Holland escaped several times from a of a terrorist attack. They try to keep it quiet in the media, so that the publique will not panique. Thank God that Yeshua (Jesus) is on the throne. I hate those saccharine messages that mislead people. I believe that God’s glory is there, but as long as we do not take our authority as believers there can’t be no change. The state of the Body (of Christ) is similar to the state of this world. But fortunately more and more wake up. The message that Yeshua will come to judge the world and that He will bring judgement should be preached. That is His assignement, besides that He brings peace. When we say we want to talk like Him and live like Him. We should know that he taught the sinner to repent. The time is now for a transformation. When I brought this message on the street. I told a muslim woman that every knee will confess the name of Jesus and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. I was almost attacked by an umbrella by a Muslim man. Things happend in Nice, Istanbul and Munich. Some call this the beginning of sorrows. I’m not going to talk after others, but if this were so. Then it was quite a while, without anyone noticing it. Share this truth with others because they should know about this. God says they teach the people only of my love and Shalom, but not of my righteousness. Prophecy Many people say they believe in me, but they do not want to live for me says the Father. That’s why they have no life in me. They say they are Christians, but they do not believe in the works that Christ did. And they want the less live like Him and make Him a pagan. They who are unclean become more impure, those who are pure become purer. Titus 1:15 For to the pure everything is pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving nothing is pure, but their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess to know God, but they deny Him by their works. They are detestable, disobedient, and disqualified for any good work.

Navayo Leeuwin