Our Objectives

Our objective is to proclaim the message and vision of YHVH (YAHUAH) here on earth; the good news from the kingdom of YAHUAH. It had to become visible to a world that does not know Him. It was not a religion or a theology but a relationship, a lifestyle to a just life in the Masiach.

Our services

Our activities are based on the life and vision of Yeshua and His message of the kingdom. The central message in this message is that we must heal the sick and that we bring the good news of the kingdom of God to the poor. So that they come to the recognition of truth.

Our vision

The vision of our foundation is to bring people back to the love and peace of the Father. In Hebrew this is called Teshuva. Which means reversing. We make disciples of all nations. And what is broken down, we rebuild again. Hence the name Rebuild the nations.Policy plan