Prophetic message of restoration

Prophetic message of change and transformation. But also of oppression. Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord

For days that went by I hear the voice of the Father speaking that this is still the year of Yubilee. The Yubilee year will be a year of harvest and recovery. But also the beginning in which great revivals will take place. They will begin with a modest beginning, but in intensity they will only increase. There will be a restoration of the Body of Christ. Where in many believers fear no longer for the future and for all things that are to come. It will be a Jubilee year of hope regarding all the changes that are about to happen. What I see is that a new generation of Evangelists will arise who walk in a greater faith with greater heights. Because they know their times and seasons and they understand that there is a season of sowing. But they also understand that the season of harvesting has now arrived. Many believe that there are heavy times and tribulations to come. But they forget that the Father will not let anything happen here on earth unless the believers are ready for it. At this moment the Body of Christ is not ready for it because it is divided. The Father says that the Body will be one again in her speaking, but first there must be restoration and recociliation. There are now many errors, deceptions and many deceptive and misleading tongues that speak. They can do these practices and speak like that because there is no discernment from the Body. Because it is a Body without conscience. But the Father will create believers associations that will speak with one tongue and one mind. There will be a tremendous revival that will only increase in her strength. It will be a revival that the world has never seen before. And those who experience it have no idea what is going on. But others know this is the movement where the world was waiting for. Misery and despair will turn into hope and joy. For the Jubilee year will bring forth the year of the spirit of EliYahu (Elijah). And that will usher in the year of restoration, which will lead us to our destination of times and refinement. Crooked roads will be straightened out. And old walls that were damaged will be restored. This is the year of EliYahu and the year of recovery. This is the year of Yubilee that brings great revivals that the world has never seen before. It is the revelation of God’s glory of his strength and power to the nations. This fullness, knowledge for the truth will only increase among the believers. It will be the last tremendous harvest that will come before the return of the living Messiah Yahusha Hamasiach (Jesus Christ) For the set apart believers.

Other changes that will come are the following: 1. 1 The European monetary system and world monetary system will change and become more digitized. 2. 2 The generation of believers (evangelists / prophets) that the Father is preparing will move and function in a different way than generations before in the past. It will be in an unusual way that has not been seen before. 3. 3 Many believers are trapped in occult bands that imprison them, as well as many in the world. This is because of a lack of knowledge, because they unknowingly let themselves in with magic and the occult. I saw prison doors open … 4. 4 The way and understanding of how we keep ‘church / or communion’ will change. It will not be the church as usual, Yah says. When believers come together, things will really happen. Because the church will be a movement without 4 walls. Yah says the Lord you will see it happening with your own eyes. The time has come. These are times of refreshment.