The foundation that proclaims the good news of the Kingdom of God. The message of an eternal Kingdom of peace. And the message of the death and resurrection of Yeshua (Jesus). Eternal life is possible for anyone who believes in Yeshua (Jesus) the Son of God. He has borne the punishment and judgement of the law on the cross for us. Anyone who believes in Him will truly be free. His promise is that He will give us perfect peace and rest that the world cannot give us.

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Who are we

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Reach out to those who stand by the side due to illness, passivity, ignorance, or rejection. We train them and help them by combining faith with work. Yeshua has done it that way and then make them His disciples. This is a Biblical assignment that all believers have received.

The target group are people who no longer have any hope by, e.g. illness or rejection. They often have mental and mental problems. By helping to change their thinking and identity, they become a new person. Our goal is to train people and teach them how to live a life of victory, rather than failure. This is only possible if someone is willing to change their thinking and learns from their failure. Release children and young people who live in fear and doubt from these complexes so that they can live in peace and freedom. Set up group projects that ensure a healthier and safer society since our society is individualized. Give youngsters who are bullying or being bullied, who have problems at home or who need help in other ways a role model that is missing in their lives. The reason that young people bully or be bullied in schools is often due to a lack of attention and fear. And not being able to meet the wishes of the environment. It has now become apparent that the government has still not found any solutions to this, given the higher number of suicides among young people and children. This number has doubled since 1950. Our goal is to drastically reduce these numbers. This can be achieved by setting up “new-time” projects that require a different way of thinking and living for the person concerned. Set up schools that go back to the origin and work with the Bible. And who bring back the Word of God as a guide in the thinking and functioning of young people in society. These schools also train parents (especially the fathers) on how to be a good example for their children. Because parents who do not take their place in the house cost society hands full of money. When these goals are implemented, it will save society a lot of money. Happy and stable families with young people and children growing up in a safe environment are the cornerstone of any society. An important key point is to apply these truths with the right knowledge.

Who are we

Rebuild the nations of El Shaddai organizes activities that aim to bring people back to society in a healthier and positive way. This includes people who sometimes come from one difficult background. Or have mental or physical problems in which they experience limitations that hinder them in society.

Our foundation is based in Amsterdam and currently works with 3 board members. These are responsible for monitoring the vision and objectives of the foundation.

We want to do our bit for a safer and healthier society. We do this by reaching out to people in society who do not know what their calling or purpose in life is.

The foundation does not have a profit-making objective and is selflessly committed to people from various backgrounds without looking at race, sex or orientation.

We help people who have problems with identity, sexuality, mental and physical problems to reach their destination in a pure way. The board plays a supporting role there.

The essential goal is to spread the message of the good news to all target groups and to release people into this truth. Which makes them think in relationships based on love.

Instead of thoughts based on hatred and selfishness. We look at what binds us so that we can make people aware of who they are. This is only possible when they listen to the voice of Yahuah she calls. And when they want to act accordingly.

Navayo Leeuwin


Navayo trains people how to step out of their comfort zone. He is involved in relational discipleship.

Ronald Plat

The Treasurer

Ronald teaches the kingdom of God throughout the country. And thereby also trains people to heal the sick.

Bas de Rooij

The Secretary

He guides and teaches people how to deal with personal struggles that keep them from achieving their goals.

The meaning of our logo

Our logo has a prophetic meaning. And is based on Isaiah 61: 4 They will rebuild ancient ruins. They will erect places that have long been destroyed. They will restore the destroyed cities that have been destroyed for many generations. We believe that this prophecy is already coming true, because despite all the destruction around us there will be a recovery, old cities will be rebuilt. And in our season this prophecy will be fulfilled before the millennial kingdom of the Messiah will come and reign here on earth. Our logo symbolizes the message of peace that brings salvation to many who receive it. And that restoration and healing comes over all nations and cities that were broken and imprisoned. It is the King of Glory that will lead us in this struggle because He rules forever and ever. (Psalm 24: 7-10)

Actions of Faith

Set up support projects to support God’s people and the nation of Israel so that they can go back to their promised land, which Yah has promised them under oath. Supporting marriages of God, outings and trips for those who are not financially strong enough to provide this themselves. Helping young people and children who have little money to make ends meet through projects, particularly in the primary areas of life. By setting up water pump projects and installing playgrounds.